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Karen Tissen

28 04 2018

We wanted a 2-day private tour of St Petersburg but did not want to pay much more than the the public tour rates. I was choosing between the top 3 tour companies at St Petersburg (per TripAdvisor) which at the date I checked were Alla, SPB, and TJ Tours. I also considered the smaller tour companies and they have even lower prices but I decided to stay with the biggest ones for the peace of mind knowing that if the tour guide got sick or the bus breaks down, they will be more likely to have backup guides and buses since they are big. I emailed all of them and they all responded quickly. I found out that the prices of these 3 companies were in the same range although SPB was on the lower range of the scale and TJ was on the higher end of the scale. I decided to go with SPB and it turned out to be the right decision. It was a 5-star tour experience. Our tour guide was Maria. She had perfect English, provided interesting descriptions of the various sites we visited, and managed our group well so that we stayed on track. We had a packed itinerary but we didn’t feel rushed/stressed out.Some of us wanted a quick stop to buy Russian chocolates and she took us to a small supermarket that locals use. I confirmed that we got the better price because they were lower than those offered by the shops at the cruise terminal. During the tour, they gave us a small but informative booklet that also serves as a nice souvenir. It contained the following: a description of about five top tourist sites at St Petersburg, about ten key Russian historical figures, and a family tree of the Romanov Dynasty. I didn’t know much about Russian historical figures so I read that after the Day 1 tour. That made me appreciate better the tour narrations on Day 2. We were on a cruise and I did not buy the ships’s ridiculously expensive wifi plan. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that our tour bus has free wifi. The drive to Catherine’s Palace was about an hour each way. That gave me plenty of time to catch up on my emails. We used that free wifi for the two days we were with Spb Tours. Thank you SPB for such an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Pam C.

07 03 2018

Our guide Elena was superb she knew when to avoid all the busy periods at the churches and palaces and gardens we had two lovely souvenir shop experiences too.The meal in the restaurant on the first day of two day trip was fantastic . The toir was extremely well organised down to the mini bus driver being ready for us at the end of each section I couldn't recommend them any highly enough superb value for money too. Highly recommend SPB Tours.

Wilsons, Kentukky

22 08 2016

We were on a cruise and SPB tours came highly recommended by many people . Some opted to use the ships tour to ensure they were not delayed but we had absolutely no issue with SPB Tours.We booked a two day tour, we were met of the ship, we were in a group of 8,they have nice small buses,that are clean,new and have air conditioning ,we were provided with bottled water and taking to all the major sites over the two days accompanied by a very informative tour guide. We had ample time in each location,we had priority entry and didn’t have to que and lots of photo opportunities. We had a sit down lunch in lovely restaurants both days.It really was excellent value. You pre-book before you go and then pay at the end of the first day. Thank you Spb Tour for your professionalism.

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