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Top 5 places to visit during White Nights in Saint-Petersburg

Top 5 places to visit during White Nights in Saint-Petersburg

Top 5 places to visit during White Nights in Saint-Petersburg

White Nights

Although the phenomenon known as the "White Nights" is not unique to St. Petersburg, in no other northern city have they received such poetic and literary acclaim. What could be more romantic than a walk along the banks of the city's rivers and canals in almost broad daylight, no matter what the time of day? No other major European city can rival this experience nor the atmosphere on the streets of St. Petersburg during the summer months - lively, friendly, romantic and bustling with people throughout the night as well as the day!

From late May to early July the nights are bright in St. Petersburg, with the brightest period, the White Nights, normally lasting from June 11th to July 2nd. The White Nights (Beliye Nochi) are a curious phenomenon caused by St. Petersburg's very northerly geographical location - at 59 degrees 57' North (roughly on the same latitude as Oslo, Norway, the southern tip of Greenland and Seward, Alaska). St. Petersburg is the world's most northern city with a population over 1 million, and its stands at such a high latitude that the sun does not descend below the horizon enough for the sky to grow dark. In fact night becomes curiously indistinguishable from day, so much so that the authorities never need to turn the city's streetlights on!

Top 5 places to visit during White Nights

1.Kissing Bridge

Potseluev Bridge or Bridge of Kisses is favorite place among couples. They believe that their relationship will be stronger and happier if they meet and kiss on this bridge. Moreover, it’s the spot for great views of St.Isaac Cathedral.

2.Botanic Garden

What can be more romantic than a walk among blooming flowers, bushes and wonderful fresh scents, especially in winter season? Botanic Garden does magic! This place looks particularly incredible in spring during cherry and apple blossom.

3. Winter Palace Channel

This small river connects Moyka river and Neva river and is just 228 meters long. Despite the fact that it’s rather short, there are several bridges over it. Perhaps the most romantic thing about this embankment is its view: beautiful old houses, Palace Square and Hermitage theatre and, of course, the panorama of Neva River under the arch of Hermitage. This place is also very popular in Russian literature, as many characters felt in love here or lived in this area. According to a legend, this place is rather mystic for people in love. If you have unhappy relationship you should come there and toss several coins with the thoughts about the person you love. All problems are supposed to vanish after this ritual. Let us know if you decide to test this theory.

4. Isaac rooftop colonnade

A great opportunity to see the whole city from the very top is to have a walk around colonnade of Saint Isaac Cathedral, as it’s the highest building in historic center. To get to the top you need to cope with 211 steps high, surely there is no elevator inside. But it’s so exciting to go through this ancient, full of mystery staircase, you can even touch the stones which are nearly 300 years old. From the top you will see the whole city in its real glory: from shiny Admiralty idle to old roofs of houses. You may have a close view in big windows and see magnificent mosaics of Saint Isaac Cathedral.

5. Summer Garden

Most famous Russian writers and poets wrote a lot about this garden. This place inspired them to write their magnificent masterpieces. Summer Garden was mentioned to be regular park and private royal residence. During 15 years it has changed: the place got its fountains and venetian statues made by Rastrelli which made Summer Garden a small oasis in the heart of big city. Nowadays as many years ago visitors are allowed to visit the park. All kinds of music and theater events take place in Summer Garden during spring, summer and autumn days.