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St.Petersburg - Cultural center of Russia

St.Petersburg - Cultural center of Russia

St.Petersburg - Cultural center of Russia

St.Petersburg is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It is the Cultural center of Russia with a great numbers of theaters, museums, musical festivals, philharmonics, exhibition centers, art galleries and other cultural objects and events. So, if You have enough time and are interested in cultural life, it is not a problem to spend free time in St.Petersburg.

Theaters are what we are proud of in our city. They are more than 100. The houses of opera and ballet, drama and comedy theaters, different theater studios. Theaters of our city stage both classical and modern performances. The first public theater is Alexandrinsky (arch. Karl Rossi), founded by Elizabeth, Peters I daughter in 1756. One of the largest and well known theaters in St.Petersburg and in Russia is Mariinsky Theater (arch. Alberto Kavos., was named after Maria Aleksandrovna, the wife of the Russia Tsar Aleksander II.) The first theater season was opened in 1860. During the Soviet time it was known as Kirovsky Theater.

This theater took active part in the development of Russian opera and ballet. It opened to the world such outstanding artist as Fedor Shalyapin, Anna Pavlova, Mikhail Baryshnikov and others. Michaels Theater of opera and ballet (Al. Brullov 1833) is famous among tourists and citizens. It was opened 10 years ago after reconstruction. Theater is associated with such names as Elena Obraztsova, Faruh Razumatov, Yuri Temirkanov.

The theater tickets are quite expensive, but there are discounts for students and pensioners. It is possible to get tickets cheaper if you buy them in advance or on periodically organized sales. I recommend you to buy tickets for famous performances and premiers in advance. Some theaters and museums offer season tickets.
More than 200 museums can be found in our city. The largest of them are The Hermitage museum and The museum of Russian art. The Hermitage was founded by Catherine II in 1764, which is known all over the world by its huge collection of decorative and supplied art and The Museum of Russian Art.

Along with classical museums, the museum of Modern Art Erarta is well known in our city.

Each year the cultural event, named Night of Museums is organized in St.Petersburg and citizens and guests of our city are interested in this event.

In spite of the fact, that so many books can be found in internet, there are a lot of libraries, book shops and book markets in our city. The most famous chain of book stores in St.Petersburg – is Bukvoed. Also it offers to buy the souvenirs and office supplies and organize the meetings with the famous writers.

The cinema theaters are popular with citizens. As usual they can be found in Malls. And also we have an opportunity to visit classical cinemas, as The House of cinema, where snacks and drinks are not prohibited during the performance.

A great number of malls were opened in different areas of the city. They are the places, where the citizens can go shopping, to have dinner or go to the movie. As a rule one storey is intended for children. All kinds of the stores for children and entertainment centers can be found there, such as skating, different master classes, petting zoo, «kvests» and others.

How do we usually spend holidays and our leisure time? What public holidays are the most popular? They are: The day of Victory, The Birthday of the city, New Year event. And the public event The Scarlet Sails, which is organized for the school leavers. As usual, these public holidays are held with the music concerts and fireworks, also with the concerts of classical music. The festival of classical music Opera for All is the traditional year event. Usually open-air festivals are held in summer during the season of White Nights.

Also citizens spend their leisure time walking in the center or in the parks. The oldest park in the city – is the Summer Garden, which was laid in 1704 by Peter I. The project of the New Holland is very popular with citizens. It is an open air entertainment center with the restaurants, summer theater stage and markets.

Some citizens are eager to leave the city on holidays, especially in spring and summer. A great number of health resorts offer their services. Some of us have private summer houses with a piece of plot for gardening, where we also spend summer vacation. Sometimes pensioners live there from spring to autumn. The camps for children are organized on vacation time in Russia. As usual, they are not free of charge.

It is usual for us to invite guests to our place or to go with the family and friends to the restaurants or cafes. All kinds of cuisine are represented by hundreds of restaurants. Nowadays the Italian and Japanese cuisines are especially popular. Master classes are often organized for children and adults in restaurants. Some of the restaurants have concert stages.

Courses of foreign languages and dancing schools are popular with citizens. The number of fitness clubs is more than 400 in the city. You will find there all you want: all kinds of fitness, swimming pools, spa areas, services of cosmetologists and others masters, yoga, pilates and so on. Sports centers and educational groups are organized for children.

In my opinion our city gives us a real opportunity for personal developing and it offers the abundance of places to spend our leisure time. And I recommend you to take advantage of it.

St.Petesrburg is the business center. A lot of business exhibitions and forums are held here. The largest one is the Conventional and Exhibitional Center Expoforum, which is held each year in summer. The new exhibitional center was open two years ago. It is consists of exhibition pavilions, meeting rooms and hotels.
International and local sports competitions are held often. For example sports marathon for running. Ice Hockey Championship was in our country and SPB some years ago. Cup of confederation FIFA will take place in Russia, also in SBP this year.