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Welcome to Oslo: Main Tips

Oslo is a modern and diverse city, and each district has its own personality. The city is packed with museums and cultural highlights

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General St Petersburg Information

Being the cultural capital of the Russian Federation and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, St.Petersburg has everything for a memorable and unforgettable travel experience.

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What is a Russian electronic visa (E-Visa) 2020

Russian electronic visa (E-Visa) is an official permission that allows entry to only certain regions of Russia. E-Visa is issued electronically by the...

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General Moscow Information

The capital of Russia is an exciting, sparkling city which attracts visitors from all over the world

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Authentic Estonian Shopping in Tallinn

So how do you navigate between all of this and buy something really authentic?

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Top 5 must-sees in Riga

From magnificent cathedrals to fresh food markets and opera to a one-of-a-kind car museum, Riga has everything for a memorable visit. This inspiring city will make you smile!

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Helsinki: All you want to know about cultural side of Finnish Capital

Culture is always a worthy pursuit, and in Helsinki it is easy to find. From one day and weekend to the next the city’s cultural venues host

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How to eat properly in Stockholm

Here are some tips aboy exploring Swedish gastronomy like local and enjoy every single bite.

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Cruiser FAQ:

May I go ashore without a Russian visa in St. Petersburg? Cruise Line warns that we can't disembark in Russia visa-free unless we book shore excursions with them. Is this true?

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