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Copenhagen, Viking Heritage Tour to Roskilde & Viking Ship Museum Experience

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Sights included:

  • Danish Parliament

    Danish Parliament

Denmark is a Viking country, full of chances to enjoy the Viking adventures of our own by the Roskilde fjord filled with with real longboats and burial grounds in a Gothic cathedral.

During a pleasurable scenic country drive south-west of Danish capital, we'll learn more regarding the Danish Vikings and their role within the world history.

Once in the picturesque city of Roskilde, we are going to tour an architectural masterpiece full of 1000-years of Danish Viking heritage. beneath the roof of this Gothic Cathedral lie buried thirty-nine kings and queens of Kingdom of Denmark, creating Roskilde Cathedral the church in the world with most royal graves, a world record. Not solely a UNESCO world heritage site, however also the location of the first Christian church designed by a Viking king – the legendary Harold Bluetooth.

Thereafter, one has to see a real boat prepared for a crusade once turning into a Viking for the day. Our next stop is the Viking Ship museum containing 5 fully reconstructed Viking longboats, designed from salvaged wrecks from the fjord itself over the last one hundred years. we are going to hear legends, see a movie and get to play dress-up with Viking gear as did the unbelievably brave and seafaring Nordic warriors back within the day.

Seeing all the museum engineered ships in the water is an absolutely unimaginable experience as you get to watch how to cleave and method the wood to get the strongest battle prepared Viking ship possible.

We will additionally reserve some to time to purchase refreshments after a pleasurable walking tour through old Roskilde city center. throughout the drive back to Copenhagen you can plot your own Viking style battle plan based on all the attention-grabbing and fun experiences of the day in Roskilde.

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Tour Highlights
•	Drive through countryside to scenic Roskilde fjord
•	Roskilde Cathedral 
•	Viking Ship Museum
•	Reconstructed Viking Ships 
•	Vaults & crypts of Danish kings and queens
Tour Includes
•	5h private guide services
•	5h private vehicle 
•	Entrances to Roskilde Cathedral and Viking Ship Museum
•	Roskilde Old Town Walking Tour
Tour Schedule
•	00:00-01:00 Private pick-up from your hotel or cruise port followed by a scenic drive to Roskilde
•	01:00-01:45 Roskilde Cathedral visit
•	01:45-03:00 Viking Ship Museum visit
•	03:00-04:00 Roskilde Old Town walk with free time for coffee break or shopping
•	04:00-05:00 Return transfer to Copenhagen, drop-off at your hotel/ cruise ship