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St-Petersburg White Night Boat tour included Lunch

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  • Canal Cruise

    Canal Cruise

This tour gives a chance to see St Petersburg at night from the water.

It lasts for 1 hour 20 minutes and starts from the "Anichkov bridge". You will go through the Fontanka, Moyka, Neva rivers where the bridges will open up and then get back to the Anichkov bridge.

This is a night tour so it's better to take warm clothes with you (although there are blankets on the boat). The boat will sail to the Big Neva river through the Fontanka river, past Ciniselli Circus, St Michael's Castle, the smallest statue in the city - Tschischik Pyschik, Summer Garden and Summer Palace and numerous cathedrals around.

You will witness the Moyka river surrounded by parks and the Church on the Spilled Blood. Having escaped the solemn waters of the Fontanka river, the cruiser will take you to the aquatorium of the Grand Neva river. You will gaze at the stunning views of embankments overnight, the Old St Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns, Winter Palace and the Peter and Paul fortress.

The boat will also take you to the cruiser Aurora where it will take a turn and sail down the stream towards the drawn bridges. The bridges are drawn starting from the port side, so the cruiser will take you past the Palace Bridge which opens the first. Then Trinity Bridge with a single-wing opening. When the bridges are opened you will get back to the Fontanka River. The tour is run by a professional English speaking guide. Overall the experience is unforgettable and thousands of tourists are eager to try it every year.

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