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Enjoy the highlights of St.Petersburg and see the real city from the local perspective. Moderate activity.
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John Tylerson

14 12 2018

Our guide Maria was exceptional. She was pleasant, arrived early, and was very knowledgeable of all the sites. We visited Peterhof, Hermitage, St. Isaaks and Kazan Cathedrals --- truly breathtaking! Had a personal and competent approach.

Helmut F.

14 12 2018

The trip more than met expectations. Learned so much about the culture and what Russia is all about. Stunning views, lovely architecture, knowledgeable friendly staff. It was a long but relaxing day with good local food and caviar tasting in the cafe. Olga was fantastic. We moved at a great pace that she adjusted to my wants, and we covered an amazing amount of the city. Not only knowledgeable about the sites, she also showed us some local spots that I would have never found on our own, That’s for sure! He stayed in touch throughout our entire time in Saint-Petersburg and made sure I enjoyed the entire trip and even helped to buy Ballet tickets.

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