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Splendid 2 Day Tour Indroducing the Best of Rhodes & Symi Islands

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Sights included:

  • Lindos


  • Seven Springs Epta Piges

    Seven Springs Epta Piges

  • Filerimos


  • Kritinia Castle

    Kritinia Castle

  • Monolithos village

    Monolithos village

  • Monolithos Castle

    Monolithos Castle

  • Symi Island

    Symi Island

  • Tsambika Monastery

    Tsambika Monastery

<b>Day 1</b>
    <li>Pick up</li>
     Rises on 267 m hill above the Aegean Sea. It is only 14 km away from the Rhodes Town. Built on the site where once used to be Acropolis of Lalyssos, the Monastery still attracts not only the locals but also the foreigners by the serene atmosphere and gorgeous beauty of surrounding nature. The Monastery grew around the old church of “Our Lady of Filerimos. Its main jewel for a long time was the miracle making icon of Virgin Mary painted by the Apostle Luke. From the monastery, specially designed Via Dolorosa leads the pilgrims to the beautiful plateau with the stunning view. The path is decorated with the plaques depicting the Passions of Christ. The final point of the path is 16 m Cross, which makes anyone think about the significance and fragility of life. Peaceful beauty of the old abandoned monastery, serene atmosphere of Orthodox church, opulent green nature and of course different shades of blue waters of the Aegean Sea will make your visit unforgettable</li>
    <li>Kritinia Castle<br>
     If you want to find the place where fascinating history meets breathtaking beauty and dive into the charm of the Greek village, this place is for you. The castle of Kritinia is built on 131 m hill above the village. The original settlement with the name Kritinia was founded by the few families who escaped from Crete when it was taken by the Turks. Hence, the name of the place – Kritinia means New Crete. Initially the village was on the coast but had to be moved to the hill because of the constant threat from the pirates.</li>
     Wineries near Embonas village are famous for producing the best wine in Greece. The village itself is incredible, being inland and relatively far from the big cities it is almost untouched and unspoiled by the tourism. Some inhabitants of the village still wear their traditional costumes and preserve local folklore. The houses are also brilliant examples of typical rural Greek architecture. All this looks like the decoration for a movie, but it is not, it is real! Enjoy wine, honey, olive oil tasting.</li>
     The Monolithos village is quite small but with its own character. The whitewashed houses with tiled roofs surrounded by beautiful flowers and fruit trees can’t leave you indifferent. There are local taverns with excellent food and some shops with unsophisticated souvenirs. If you find the time to get to Monolithos you will undoubtedly enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the Greek village.</li>
    <li>Monolithos Castle<br>
     If you reach the castle on top of the rock, you will be rewarded by the best view in Rhodes. Someone compares this view with the one from Santorini, but it is obviously better. At the foot of the rock there are lovely houses of the local villages surrounded by the endless pine forest and straight ahead all possible shades of blue. Up to the horizon there are waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea!</li>
     Stop at the view point for taking amazing pictures of Lindos Acropolis &amp; village.</li>
    <li>Monastery Tsambika<br>
     Panagia Tsambika (Virgin Mary Tsambika) is now visited by thousands and thousands of couples from all around the world each year (both Greek and non-Greek) who have struggled to conceive or who wish to have their baby or child blessed for one reason or another.</li>
    <li>Epta Piges<br>
     To fall in love with Rhodes once and forever you must visit this absolutely charming place - the Seven Springs or in Greek Epta Piges. It is only 27 km from the Town of Rhodes, but somehow you feel there far from loud civilization. Surrounded by tall pine trees of the Seven Springs with their cool, transparent water attract not only people tired from the hot weather and unpredictable stock exchange market but also local ducks and peacocks. From magical Seven Springs stroll dawn to the beautiful man-made lake. An artist who was long asleep inside you will be inevitably waken up by the picturesque landscapes around. To complete the experience, you may swim in refreshing crystalline waters of the lake. If you feel ready for the adventure, instead of taking a walking path to the lake, you can go through a 186 m long tunnel brings water from the Seven Springs to the lake. It was built in 1931 by the Italians..</li>
    <li>Transfer Back<br>
     After that, it will take about 1 hour to return to the starting point of this tour.</li>
     Lunch box: Traditional homemade sandwich, fresh fruit, bottle of water
<b>Day 2</b>
    <li>Pick up</li>
    <li>Mandraki Harbour<br>
     After meeting, we will approach to Mandraki Harbour of Rhodes Town and embark one of our comfortable boats for an enjoyable cruise to famous Symi Island.</li>
    <li>Saint George Bay<br>
     This is one of the most beautiful bays in the world with an amazing beach accessible only by boat. You can swim in and admire the beautiful turquoise blue water. We will stay enough time for swimming and snorkeling. Snorkeling equipment is available free of any charge.</li>
     Ochre, salmon, red, blue, turquoise, grey… The stately neoclassical buildings at Symi’s port, Gialos, preserve the color and glamour of the island’s glorious past. A place that looks as if it was taken straight from the pages of an old book, its many sights and attractions include the Timiou Prodromou Monastery (founded in 1838), old Customs House, Fish Market, stone bridge, statue of a young fisherman, Clock Tower (built in 1881) and the old boatyard in Harani, Monastery of Taxiarchis Michael Panormitis Famous for its miracles, Panormitis is a major pilgrimage site. Devotees queue to get into this monastery, which seems to exude its own mystical energy and has existed since the 15th century. The icon of the Archangel Michael (the patron saint) is considered miraculous.</li>
    <li>Transfer Back</li>

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