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Saint-Petersburg Grand Tour

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During the Grand Sightseeing tour you will see all the main places of Imperial Saint-Petersburg
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Barbara & Nancy

14 12 2018

Took this trip on July 2018. It was an incredible, unforgettable trip. Highly, highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique experience Had a great time on this private tour. Andrew is the nicest, sweetest most courteous and helpful person. He is very knowledgeable about Romanovs, Russian history and he even taught us how to say a few words in Russian. There were 3 of us and it was a much better experience being in a small and intimate group than previous larger group tours that I’ve been on before. I totally recommend this tour to anyone who has just 1-2 days in Saint-Petersburg. We visited hermitage, lots of churches and palaces with parks. It was a great mix. We even managed to fit a shopping stop and vodka tasting in the program. Had a nice lunch set The salad and beefstroganoff were delicious. Thank u for a great tour

Sergio Buttler

14 12 2018

It was one of the best trips I did during my cruise vacation depite the bus breaking down which just added to the fun as we had a great walk on the nevsky prospect in the center of the city waiting for the replacement the driver for 20 mins. Helena was brilliant giving us great insight to the city she adores. heartly recommend this tour to see cultural capital of russia. if there was a 100 star rating, i'd happily give that

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