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Rises on 267 m hill above the Aegean Sea. It is only 14 km away from the Rhodes Town. Built on the site where once used to be Acropolis of Ialyssos. Specially designed Via Dolorosa leads the pilgrims to the beautiful plateau with the stunning view. The path is decorated with the plaques depicting the Passions of Christ. The final point of the path is 16 m Cross, which makes anyone think about the significance and fragility of life. Peaceful beauty of the old abandoned monastery, serene atmosphere of Orthodox church, opulent green nature with graceful peacocks and of course different shades of blue waters of the Aegean Sea will make your visit unforgettable
Valley of Butterflies

Rhodes is very proud to have the unique nature reserve known as “Butterfly Valley” or in Greek “Petaloudes Valley”. When you come here, be ready for a miracle! You can afford here the luxury of complete relaxation. Lose yourself between small murmuring waterfalls, the sparkling ponds and cute bridges. Enjoy the moment in this natural paradise, unspoiled by loud civilization.
Epta Piges

To fall in love with Rhodes once and forever you should visit this charming place - the Seven Springs or in Greek Epta Piges. It is only 27 km from the Town of Rhodes, but somehow you feel there far from loud civilization. Surrounded by tall pine trees of the Seven Springs with their cool, transparent water attract not only people tired from the hot weather and unpredictable stock exchange market but also local ducks and peacocks. From magical Seven Springs stroll dawn to the beautiful man-made lake. An artist who was long asleep inside you will be inevitably waken up by the picturesque landscapes around. If you feel ready for the adventure, instead of taking the walking path to the lake, you can go through a tunnel. 186 m long tunnel brings water from the Seven Springs to the lake and then to the waterfall built1931 by the Italians.

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