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A walking tour in a city is so charming and compact, it is the best way to expertise the town of Oslo snuggled in the rugged outline.
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Eva Benita

03 09 2019

We joined the sightseeing Oslo tour and all of us loved it. Even though we had been to the city before and thought we had seen-it-all, this excursion was the highlight...We learnt so much more abt the history and local culture than if we had walked around ourselves ,taking the same photos that most tourists would be taking. Highly recommended for everyone visiting Oslo to find an available slot and do this. Do give a generous tip to the guide as this is more than you can expect.

Alf Borden

22 07 2019

Without a doubt one of the best tours we've ever had anywhere. This is our first trip to Norway and we did the Tour on our first morning. The guide (the beautiful Lilly) put the city at our feet and in our hearts! We learned so much about the culture, architecture, and general history and the way the city is organized - the best places to eat, what to avoid, how to get around. With humor and charm, the guide enthralled us with stories about Oslo and helped us to see the Oslo that she and her fellow norwegians love. The guide was professional but remarkably sweet and funny, detailed, and knowledgeable. We had a tiny group so we all had opportunities to chat one-on-one with Lilly who willingly answered every question. Yes it was worth every penny! She never once hinted for a tip or gave the impression that it was expected. I can give my highest recommendation and suggest that you make time, to take this tour. Don't forget to tip if the guide does a good job! Thanks again!

Gloria Munez

22 05 2019

We have already been to Oslo 2 times. But anyway, Ann was an outstanding guide and gave us many insights into the life of Oslo that we would not have known. We would highly recommend this tour. Big thanks from Schotland! We just loved her fantastic professional way of guiding.We will definitly meet again one day. Tour is highly recommended.

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