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Matryoshka (Babushka doll) Master Class

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Choose from various colors, styles, and accessories, to make a Matryoshka doll set that you cherish for years to come.

- Take a 2-hour masterclass and paint your own Matryoshka doll set
- Discover the history behind the wooden Babushka doll
- Learn techniques and methods to create a one-of-a-kind souvenir
- All necessary equipment and materials are provided for you

We start every day from 11:00 till 20:00 at our Matryoshka Mueum (Italyanskaya street 6), where you can know a lot about Russian traditional culture and famous doll - matryoshka. 1 hour - quick master class and 2 hours - traditional master-class. Methods and techniques which are used during this workshop are relatively simple even for those who haven’t painted for a long time. The artists who're holding the meeting will share all of their passion and will help you to create a unique character for your doll. Few words about how to going this event ...

1) You are provided with everything you need for painting tools
2) The set of matryoshka-dolls is to be chosen first
3) Choose colors for painting backgrounds for the headscarf and the sarafan
4) Create a hairstyle and jewelry (necklaces, earrings, kokoshnik)
5) The master will process the matryoshka on your request This workshop of a Russian custom will stay as a bright memory for a long time!

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