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2 Days
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Sights included:

  • Palace Square

    Palace Square

  • The State Hermitage Museum

    The State Hermitage Museum

    * Monday not available
  • State Russian Museum

    State Russian Museum

You will be taken on an OVERVIEW TOUR OF THE CITY in a comfortable vehicle.

This tour includes such prominent sights as: Nevsky Prospect (the main boulevard of St. Petersburg) you'll see an unusual building constructed by the commission of Ippolite Wavelberg, one of the richest Jews in St. Petersburg, Anichkov Bridge and Anichkov Palace, the Fontanka and Moika Rivers, Kazan Cathedral, Admiralty, Winter Palace, Palace Square, General Headquarters Arch, Senate Square with the Bronze Horseman (monument to Peter the Great), Palace Bridge, monument to Nicholas the First, University Embankment with its historical buildings including: Kunstkammer, Academy of Sciences, and St. Petersburg State University, Menshikov Palace, and the Academy of Fine Arts, where well-known Jewish painters such as Isaac Levitan and Marc Chagall were educated.

You'll see the marvelous panorama from the banks of the Neva River and get acquainted with the history of St. Petersburg, the Romanov family and the past and present of the local Jewish Community (one of the largest in Europe). Jewish history is closely intertwined with the history of the city.

HERMITAGE EXCURSION - Includes the 4 buildings of this ensemble the Winter Palace, the small Hermitage, the New Hermitage, and the Old Hermitage. Observe the magnificent interiors of the buildings, State Halls, and the most important masterpieces of the Western European artists. When you are inside of its miraculous halls, you'll have a strong sensation of having gone back to the times of the emperors.

You will visit GRAND CHORAL SYNAGOGUE (available every day of the week except on Saturday and major Jewish holidays) a spectacular building in Moresque style. It was constructed in 1893 and recently restored to its former glory thanks to the gracious patronage of Lily and Edmond Safra. Except for the Synagogue we will take you to Kolomna district, center of Jewish life of 19th century.


14 12 2018

Palaces and churches we visited were spectacular. Our guide Ksenia pointed out things of interest as they were coming up and advised the group whether to get off and explore or to stay on till the next point. Very informative although she was sometimes very fast in talking.

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After the first day's tour you may return to the ship or attend the theater either to hear an opera or to watch a ballet (from $80 - $150 USD pp depending upon theater, performance and seat location). We will reserve the best tickets in advance for you for a very memorable cultural experience. You can visit the famous Mariinsky (former Kirov), Hermitage, Mikhailovsky, Alexandrinksy, Palace Theaters. If you choose to hear and see something that is connected with Russian folklore, there are folklore shows at your disposal with Russian dances, song, tricks, traditional Russian instruments (balalaika, gusli, playing on wooden spoons, or on saws) and much more ($60-80pp). Or simply enjoy a dinner at a good, not so touristy Russian restaurant. A 2 way transfer will cost 1-6 people $90, 7-12 people $140, 13 -18 people $190

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