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Helsinki Highlights Tour

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Admire the essence of this elegant, Nordic city by taking a drive around its beautiful parks and boulevards with round transfers from cruise port within this guided tour.
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Laura Z.

11 01 2018

Luda was our tour guide and she executed the tour brilliantly! Having many facts and lots of information on offer, she appealed to every individuals interests. She made the cold weather bearable :) lots of love from England

Jason Lee

10 04 2017

Matt, our guide, was really lovely and gave us a great overview of Helsinki. I always get highlights tours when I travel on my own, but this was exceptional with small number and diverse age range of people. It seems like there are some tours available in Helsinki, but I would highly recommend this one!

Rita & Andy

03 09 2016

Wonderful experience and well worth doing. Took over 4 hours but Nataly’s delivery was informative, interesting, varied, humorous and useful to us, as visitors. Ranging from architecture, bridges, markets, types of transport, distinguishing good eateries, hairdressing, signs and being given easy ways to find good local souvenirs we were glad to have done it as it enhanced our visit. Thanks Nataly you were ace !!!

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