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Folk-Show "Feel Yourself Russian" at Nikolayevsky Palace

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Performance - "Feel Yourself Russian". The show lasts only 2 hours but emotions which it provokes will stay with you forever.
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Arthur Groom

19 12 2018

Booked a folk show and dinner for 5 of us July 2018.
The show was worth the visit. Excellent dances from youngish ladies and guys! Emotional and full of Russian soul!
Performance was very impressive! We spent two-three hours, though with a break in which some drinks (vodka, champagne and soft drinks) and snacks (were good) and enjoyed it very much! Recommend

We came to watch the performance on a tour through Russia and really appreciated this folk show. A number of the acts were breathtaking. We particularly liked the ladies who danced and moved as if they were on hover boards. This was a really enjoyable and I would very highly recommend it to everyone who are keen on being immersed in the authentic cultural atmosphere

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