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     Enjoy Rhodes as if you were local! How? Join an experienced, creative Chef in the exquisite and of course delicious cooking class. Apart from it, during the tour you will get the chance to explore local agricultural routine, visit the folklore museum and participate in a wine tasting.

     We are what we eat, and of course the most pleasant way to discover the culture is via its cuisine. This 5.5 – hour tour with no more than 8 guests is perfect for this purpose.

     Enjoy the tour from the very beginning while driving on your private comfortable van away from the touristy coast to the tiny authentic Greek village of Apollona spread along the foothills of Profitis Ilias.

     On the way there will be a small tour of a local farm where you will meet incredible women who despite all the obstacles run the manufacture. You will not only see their goods but also hear about the life of small local production in the global world.

     Your next stop will be the folklore museum, and we will do our best for making this stop fun. Can the life of the locales in the past be boring? You will be impressed with the traditional costumes, interesting daily routine, working conditions in an olive production and how it all changed since the time of the Olympic Gods.

     Now it is time for the feast! You will visit one of the Rhodes best winemakers and discover varieties of grapes and how to make from them a fantastic wine. Don’t leave the venue without trying the ultimate product – local wine will reveal you the secret of Rhodes.

     After tasting the wine, you will be perfectly ready for the highlight of the tour – a private cooking class from the best local cook. The Chef will share with you Greek cooking traditions combined with his own secrets in making tzatziki, pitaroudia (vegetable fried balls), gemista (stuffed peppers with tomatoes and rice), of course world-famous Greek salad and many more exquisite local delicacies!

     After working hard in cooking, you deserve a good self-made lunch!

     Your few hours in Apollona will become an unforgettable experience which will make you fall in love with Rhodes forever.

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Tour Duration -- 5.5 Hours
Attraction Type -- Cultural, Food&Drink
Starts from  -- Cruise Port, Hotel
Activity Level -- Easy
Group Size -- Small
Lunch -- Included
Guide Services -- Included
Driving Service -- Included