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  • Moscow Kremlin

    Moscow Kremlin

  • Red Square

    Red Square

  • St Basil's Church

    St Basil's Church

We are also into the food culture of Moscow, so we know the best cafes and restaurants of the city. Some of them we can visit on the tour. And we deliberately avoid touristy restaurants, where locals would never go. "Only genuine experiences" is our motto.

Of course, we will recommend you what to do after the tour: best museums, bars, clubs, parks etc.

Our priority is the best personalised experience. Every single one. So, be sure, we can customise our tour according to your wishes. We are more than just some tour guides, consider us your friends in a new city:) Please note, that it's a walking tour (+ public transport or taxi). If you would like this tour to be on a car, notify us in advance and we'll organise it.


Red Square

The main and the most beautiful square of the country. The iconic sight, as famous as Eiffel tower or Berlin wall. Not really red...but more about it on the tour:)


The most famous and one of the oldest shopping malls of Russia. Built in the 19th century with unprecedented technologies and engineering complexity. Let's take a look at these wonder one of the constructors of which was the great architect - Shukhov.

 Saint Basil's Cathedral

A candy-cake-ice-cream-fairytale looking cathedral built in the middle of Moscow by the order one of the most controversial figures of Russian history - Ivan IV the Terrible (!) (during his lifetime more known as "the Great"). Let's talk about his legacy and crazy mind.

Park Zaryadye

The high-end park by famous architectural bureau Diller Scofidio + Renfro (also known for the High Line park in New York). It is build on the place where people started to settle as early as in 12th century, but most of the heritage was destroyed on the sight by order of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin for the sake of making another one of his crazy projects....

Kitai-Gorod and Varvarka Street

One of the oldest districts of Moscow, half-survived half-destroyed during Soviet period of Russian history. It's filled with churches, monasteries, universities and now also cafes, bars, ministries, shopping areas, theaters. There are located: one of the oldest monasteries of Moscow, the building of the first stock market in Russia, sone of the best restaurants of Moscow city center.

Nikolskaya Street

One of the most popular pedestrian streets of Moscow city-center now filled with souvenir shops and cafes, but back in the 16-17 centuries being the educational center of Moscow. It stretches from the Red Square to the ex-KGB building

 Central Children's Store

The biggest children's shopping mall in Russia. A dream for a kid. Located on the same square with the ex-KGB building. On the roof of the Central Children's store is one of the best secret viewpoints of Moscow city center. We will see from it famous Stalin's Seven Sisters complex, Polytechnic museum, State Duma (parliament), Metropol hotel with beautiful mosaics, St. Basils cathedral, Christ the Saviour cathedral and much more.

Bolshoi Theatre

One of the best opera and ballet theaters of the world! Initially a private enterprise of one of the richest people of 18 century Moscow it went through 5 major restorations, through being a meeting hall for soviet union authorities, through WWII, through collapse of USSR back to being of the most desired performance venues in the world both for the dancers, singers and for the visitors and listeners.


Stoleshnikov Lane

The most expensive street in Russia. The 12th most expensive street in the world. One of the most beautiful streets of Moscow. Stretching from the big shopping district to the Moscow Government office on one of the oldest streets of Moscow - Tverskaya, by which we will continue

Tverskaya Street (Ulitsa)

One of the oldest and widest streets of Moscow. If you start at the beginning of the street in front of the Kremlin and drive straight for around 10 hours you will reach Saint-Petersburg. It has also great heritage in terms of architecture - 18-19 century houses mixed with huge soviet blocks of marble and granite.

Boulevard Ring

The main strolling area of Moscow since 18th century. It's rich both with the history and the contemporary culture.

Statue of Pushkin

During USSR era it was the main meeting point for the Moscow's lovers, ohhh. Before Google Maps Pushkin statue was the main landmark on the Moscow's city centre map for locals. And, let's not forget and talk about the man himself. He is nothing less, than our main poet.


Russian State

Library The biggest library in Russia. The 5th biggest library in the world. With oldest books from 6th century. The main building of library was finished 1920s in the Soviet monumental style - decorated with images of industrial workers and farmers on the roof and bronze bas reliefs of writers and scientists on the walls of the library.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The main cathedral of orthodox christianity in Russia with crazy history of construction, destruction and reconstruction. Initially finished in 1830s as a commemoration to the people, who died during the war with Napoleon it was destroyed a century later by the soviet dictator Joseph Stalin for the sake of constructing one of his craziest projects - Palace of Soviets. The project was never realized. In the 1990s the decision was made to reconstruct the cathedral back after for some time the place has been a swimming pool, but more about it on the tour:)

Red October

Former chocolate factory which recently was transformed into one of the most hyped hipster districts of Moscow. It's filled with clubs, galleries, architectural bureaus, design offices, bars, restaurants and some of the best universities of Russia in architecture and urbanism. Just nearby is the biggest museum of contemporary art in Russia. Across the river there is the biggest cathedral of Orthodox christianity in Russia. Nearby is also the Gorky park with lots of sculptures of Lenin, Stalin, Marx and other people related to communism.

Muzeon Art Park

A part of the famous Gorky park (there is a film with such a name, rock-band Scorpions also mentions it in of their most famous songs - Wind of Change). The park is also filled with sculptures of Russian artists, writers and scientists. A part of the park is dedicated to Soviet sculptures where you can see sculptures of Lenin, Brezhnev, Dzerjinsky and also a unique full body statue of Stalin - the only one survived in Moscow.

Moscow Metro

Probably the most beautiful metro in the world. With lots of stations decorated with frescoes, mosaics, stained glass, sculptures and crazy architecture sometimes more than 100 meters below ground level. The busiest metro in Europe and also one of the fastest growing metro systems in the world (in 2018 there were opened 17 new stations and more than 33 km of metro lines - it's more than the whole of Europe together). We will see top 10 metro stations mainly built between 1930s and 1950s.

The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKh)

The crazy soviet project of enormous scale. More than 200 pavilions in different architecture styles were constructed between 1920s and 1950s to show agricultural and industrial achivements of Soviet Union. We will pass and see some of the most interesting ones (such as the pavilion of Cosmos (Space), Atomic Energy, Education, Culture, Ukraine, Belorussia etc.)

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