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  • The simpliest way to select an booking excursions on Greece - very flexible and wide options!

    • - Patricia Gighorn

    Toronto, Canada

  • Had a great time with this tour when in Rhodes. We were late in booking our tours and luckily found an opening for the date we needed.

    • - Pat Gillian

    Sacramento, CA

  • I would highly recommend this tour even if you are with kids. Not tiring, interesting and unforgettable

    • - Pete Lembo

    Edinburgh Scotland

  • Over the course of planning this trip I realized he is a very genuine and honest person.

    • - Mansi Bhatt

    Cambridge, MA

  • Everyone in the group was extremely happy with our beautiful Rhodes shore excursions

    • - Elvira Casal

    Miami, FL, USA


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    Germany: Rostock & Molli Train PRIVATE TOUR

    Hanseatic Rostock, charming beach resorts and the Molli steam train.

    From $102.51

    About us

    We created EXCOOR as an international partnership after providing on-land tours and shore excursions in Rhodes, Greece & Mediterranian for more than 16 years. Working as separate agencies located in different countries we discovered some common fundamental problems on this field that we now address. 

    Our international team of travel insiders is passionate with finding the best ways to solve a travelers dilemma. 
    We are garnered enough experience to take pride in our customer service. 

    Covering major Greece Islands from Rhodes to Lesbos, from classic tours to customized themed experiences, we have something for every traveler. We consider our customers to deserve not only a wide choice of tours by low rates but high tour quality as well. 
    That’s a rare combination but we deliver. 

    Book with us, maximize your travel budget and enjoy unforgettable trip memories!
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