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Spend the evening in a marvelous palace of Russian Grand Duke Nikolay and enjoy charming, energetic, colorful and very professional performance - "Feel Yourself Russian". The show lasts only 2 hours but emotions which it provokes will stay with you forever.

3 professional folk groups will entertain you during the show:

1) «Stars of St. Petersburg» dance group. The dancers have graduated from the best schools of choreography in Russia. You will see lyrical dances of the Russian North, energetic dances of the Cossacks, dancing miniatures of Siberia with their gentle humor. Be ready to be picked up and join the dancers on the stage. The bright and sincere emotions of folk dances will not leave you unaffected.

2) "Maidan" song-and-dance group which reproduces Cossack songs and dances in their original form.

3) “Peters Quartet” vocal quartet. Classical performance of folk songs, lyrical romances and Russian Orthodox hymns.

The show consists of two parts, 45 minutes each, with enjoyable intermission in between. During the break you will be offered canapés with red caviar, ham, Russian salami and various cheeses. You will get chance to try vodka or have a glass of famous Russian champagne. There will be also the great choice of soft drinks and juices.

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-Folk-show ticket

- Russian Buffet

-Hotel\port pickup and drop-off

- Blanket visas (Russian visa-free entry for cruise passengers)

Not included:

- Gratuities for the driver (optional)

-Souvenir photos (available to purchase)

-DVD (available to purchase)